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PermaLip™ Lip Implantation

PermaLip™ Lip Implantation is also a ground-breaking method of enhancing lips in a single, safe procedure that does not require repeat treatments. With PermaLip™ Lip Implantation, Dr. Wise can give those patients desiring fuller lips a more long-lasting, cost-effective solution.

Once the procedure is performed, a person can enjoy full, youthful lips for many years to come*. Because PermaLip™ is not an injection, the implant can be easily removed if necessary or desired.

Lip Implants in New Jersey

Where it helps:

Lip implantation can help to improve the appearance of the lips by restoring balance, plumpness, or by creating a lip shape that is more aesthetically pleasing.*

PermaLip™ Lip Implantation can help address the effects of the sun, smoking, stress, and aging, which cause lips to sag and lose their natural plumpness. Lip implants can allow patients to enjoy full, youthful lips for many years to come*.

What it entails:

Dr. Wise uses PermaLip™ Lip Implantation to create fuller lips for his patients while maintaining the natural contours of the lips and mouth.

The PermaLip™ Lip Implant is a silicon-based implant, meaning it is both soft and flexible, allowing it to adapt to the shape and natural movement of the patient’s mouth – without the risk of rupture or deflation over time.

Lip Implants in New Jersey

What to expect:

Depending on the patient and their history with lip augmentation, Dr. Wise may advise a patient to first undergo a temporary procedure to allow them to evaluate the lips in the augmented state before proceeding with a permanent procedure. Once a patient is ready to move forward, the patient will collaborate with Dr. Wise and develop a customized plan for the lips, as these implants are available in different lengths and projections.

Dr. Wise recommends his patients stop any blood-thinning medications one week prior to the procedure, if medically permissible. In addition, Dr. Wise recommends but does not mandate, smoking cessation one week prior to the procedure. For the procedure, the patient can expect it to take less than an hour for both upper and lower lips.

The procedure itself causes minimal pain and discomfort. After the procedure, the patient may experience some swelling and bruising, but this resolves over the next several weeks. In addition, the patient may experience some initial numbness in the lip area, but this diminishes as the swelling goes down. Most people take a few days off of work.

Lipstick may be worn approximately five days after the cosmetic surgery. The pain associated with this procedure is generally minimal. You can expect results that are smooth and symmetric. PermaLip™ Lip Implantation with Dr. Wise leaves you with no visible scarring and natural-looking, beautiful lips.

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Due to an old injury resulting in over-sized scarring to my lower lip, my upper lip had tended to fall just inside the lower on one side. This resulted in oral discomfort as the perception was that my mouth closed only when my teeth closed, which tends to be painful when it occurs chronically.

I saw Dr. Wise as he is a face-only specialist in cosmetic surgery. He recommended a two-step procedure. The first step was to perform a reduction to the lower lip on the “over-sized side”. The second step was the enhancement to the upper lip on the same side. Intended to make the enhanced lip sit better on its opposite number below. Initially, Dr. Wise performed temporary enhancement using an injectable product, and this was useful in determining the appropriate size and fit of the permanent work. This permanent filler was a silicone “sliver”, which Dr. Wise introduced, by means of a surgical incision, into the lip corner. The surgery was performed with local anesthetic and came off without a hitch, and without discomfort beyond a few hours.

At this time, about one-month post-surgery, the enhancei ment is a complete success. It is quite a comfort be able to have that sensation that my mouth closes normally, and not to be bothered by “double-takes” with my lips or teeth, which used to overwork to compensate for my long-time discrepancy. The enhancement is also an aesthetic success as the lower lip looks more symmetrical now.


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