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Many men and women suffer from hair loss and thinning, but not everyone is a candidate for hair transplantation.

Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise at Wise Institute for Hair Restoration performs scalp micropigmentation procedures to help restore a receded hairline and thicken the appearance of the remaining hair for a fuller, close-cropped look.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, sometimes referred to as “SMP,” is an advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation for the scalp.

This non-surgical procedure uses micro-needles and specialized equipment to inject pigment into the scalp. SMP creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles to create a look of thicker hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Scalp Micropigmentation?

This innovative treatment may be a good solution for men and women who want to achieve the look of a full head of natural hair without undergoing hair transplantation or other more invasive procedures. Scalp micropigmentation may be recommended for patients who have recently started thinning and for those who have already lost a significant quantity of hair.

This may include women and men who:

  • Suffer from hair loss

  • Have a receding hairline

  • Want to conceal scars on the scalp

  • Want to cover bald spots

  • Want a better-defined hairline

  • Have thinning hair

How Is Scalp Micropigmentation Performed?

The scalp micropigmentation process is typically performed in two to three treatment sessions. It begins with an in-depth consultation, after which Dr. Wise will custom-tailor a treatment plan for you.

In the first treatment session, Dr. Wise will skillfully and conservatively implant ink into your scalp to lay the foundation for your new look, carefully matching your natural hair color. There may be some redness after the procedure, which should subside within a single day.

The second treatment session is when we fill in more detail, using a shade darker than your natural hair color, to bring your new look to life. This use of color variation creates an illusion of shadow and a natural, three-dimensional appearance. A third treatment session may be needed to achieve optimal results for some patients.

Why Get Scalp Micropigmentation Vs. Surgical Transplants?

State-of-the-art scalp micropigmentation may be the best treatment option for patients who are not a candidate or not ready to undergo more invasive procedures,

such as a hair transplants. This gentle, noninvasive treatment has several important cosmetic applications.

Restore A Receded Hairline And Frame The Face

Scalp micropigmentation is a highly-customizable treatment option. We will work with you to design a natural-looking hairline that is appropriate for your age and compliments your head shape and facial features. Some patients may prefer a slightly receded or more mature look, while a crisp, clean look may be more attractive for others.

Create The Illusion Of Thicker Hair For Patients With Pattern Baldness

For patients who have lost a lot of hair, scalp micropigmentation can produce results that are visible immediately after treatment. By injecting pigment into the balding areas to create the look of follicles and a more three-dimensional appearance, this treatment can replace a balding appearance the look of a short-cropped, full head of hair.

Camouflage Scarring From Previous Scalp Treatments

Although tried and true Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), otherwise known as the “Strip Method,” may be the ideal hair restoration treatment for patients who wear their hair longer, it can leave linear scars on the scalp.

This type of surgical scarring can limit an individual’s hairstyle options. Scalp micropigmentation deposits pigment into scar tissue and surrounding areas to reduce the visibility of scars from earlier FUT hair transplantation or trauma that left scars.

What Can Scalp Micropigmentation Do For Women?

Although the condition is not as common among women as among men, many women today suffer from hair loss and thinning hair.

Common causes of hair loss among women include:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Heredity
  • Medical conditions
  • Certain medications

Scalp micropigmentation may be the ideal treatment for women who are thinning on the top or across the crown of the head. Using pigment deposited in the scalp, this procedure can cover natural hair separations to create the appearance of a healthier, fuller head of hair.

What Can Scalp Micropigmentation Do For Hair Transplant Patients?

If you have had FUT “Strip Method” hair transplantation in the past, you may have been left with a linear scar on the donor area of the scalp. Using advanced scalp micropigmentation techniques,

Dr. Wise can not only camouflage scarring but also add the illusion of greater density for a fuller, thicker look. Depending on your aesthetic goals, Dr. Wise can perform this treatment for patients with longer hair or to achieve a shaved head or buzz cut look.

Can Scalp Micropigmentation Be Combined With A Hair Transplant?

As part of an individually-tailored treatment plan, scalp micropigmentation can be combined with hair transplantation to achieve truly extraordinary, natural-looking results.

With this innovative combination treatment, patients gain the benefits of natural hair along the with the three-dimensional appearance of fullness and thickness that micropigmentation provides.

Scalp Micropigmentation

What Are The Benefits Of Scalp Micropigmentation?

IScalp micropigmentation may be an excellent alternative to more invasive surgical procedures for many men and women with hair loss or thinning hair. Unlike topical cosmetic products, this procedure deposits pigmentation deep into the scalp, so there is no worry about sweating or washing off the color.

The many benefits of this cutting-edge treatment include:

  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Less costly than hair transplantation
  • No medications involved
  • Little or no continued maintenance
  • Adds density to thinning areas
  • Highly customizable treatment
  • Camouflages linear scars on the scalp
  • Creates natural-looking illusion of thicker, fuller hair
  • Replicates the look of a barbershop buzz cut

Why Dr. Wise For Scalp Micropigmentation?

Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise is double board-certified in reconstructive and facial plastic surgery. He is a highly-esteemed, triple Ivy League trained plastic surgeon with a particular focus on male and female hair loss.

At Wise Institute for Hair Restoration, you will be cared for personally by Dr. Wise and his technicians who have specialized training and experience in hair loss prevention and restoration. Dr. Wise performs scalp micropigmentation procedures to restore the appearance of a fuller head of hair with artistry and skill, and the highest level of patient-centered care.

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