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Facelift New Jersey

Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise is a leading facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey, recognized for his exceptional talent in performing facial plastic surgery and his innovative approach to facelift surgery. He provides innovative surgical techniques to address every facial problem area, including the following:

  • Saggy facial skin
  • Jowls
  • Deep creases and lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Forehead creases
  • Smile lines
  • Frown lines
  • Marionette lines (from corners of mouth, extending to chin)
  • Rough or uneven skin tone
  • Sun spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation
Facelift in New Jersey

Deep Plane Facelift for a Natural-Looking Result

Dr. Wise specializes in the deep plane facelift to achieve a remarkably natural, refreshed look. If you have concerns about facial aging but are seeking a dramatic yet natural-looking rejuvenation, there is no better plastic surgeon to speak with than Dr. Wise.

Dr. Wise develops your custom surgical plan with you using our 3D Vectra imaging system. Not only do you have the opportunity to look at images of actual patients who have had a facelift at our clinic, but you have the opportunity to see, in three dimensions, what your face will look like after your procedure is complete.

Facelift in New Jersey


Dr. Wise performs deep plane facelift procedures at his state-of-the-art, accredited surgical center in Wayne, New Jersey. There is no need for general anesthesia in many cases.

Your journey with us does not end with the surgery. We provide specialized healing and recovery treatments, including treatment with our Light Therapy System. The procedure involves surgical correction of sagging muscles and tissue, natural fat transfer, and laser skin resurfacing for a more thorough, genuinely natural, and beautiful outcome.

Exceptional Experience and Results

Dr. Wise has performed over 5,000 facial rejuvenation procedures to date and is one of the country's most talented and experienced facial plastic surgeons and creates remarkable improvements in facial appearance – with minimal downtime. The deep plane procedure resolves the following facial problems:

  • Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Volume loss
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Sagging skin
  • Jowls and lack of jawline definition

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Youthful, Fresh, and Natural: A deep plane facelift from Dr. Wise

Our patients come to us as they have heard about our reputation for achieving facial rejuvenation surgery with results that are very natural in appearance, rather than tight or pulled. To achieve his outstanding results, Dr. Wise offers a deep plane facelift.

Dr. Wise uniquely addresses the underlying muscle and connective tissues during a deep plane facelift. This network of muscle and tissue, called the SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System), lies above the underlying facial muscles, framing the structure of the face. During a deep plane facelift, Dr. Wise will tighten and lift the SMAS to achieve a remarkable, natural-looking rejuvenation.

The surgery is performed under intravenous sedation rather than general anesthesia for a faster recovery.

A combination technique for beautiful results

The facial areas that are showing the signs of age are addressed with four separate techniques:

Deep plane facelift to resolve excess sagging skin and drooping facial muscles.

Laser skin resurfacing with an advanced CO2 laser system to smooth fine lines, create smooth, evenly-toned, healthier skin, and tighten the skin at the jawline and neck.

Fat transfer to restore lost volume in the cheeks, smooth creases and wrinkles, and restore the firm, fresh look of youthful skin.

Eyelid surgery to remove excess skin and fat that cause upper and lower eyelids to sag, forming hooded eyes and undereye bags. Eyelid surgery creates a more open, refreshed, and attractive look.

Why Choose Dr. Wise for a deep plane facelift in New Jersey?

Dr. Wise is one of the few Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons in the country and is a Professor of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at NYU School of Medicine. He has a worldwide reputation as a leader in facial plastic surgery, known for developing innovative and effective surgical techniques to achieve facial rejuvenation, focusing on artistry, balance, and a look that appears entirely natural. Why not choose the best of the best? You are invited to experience the difference true medical professionalism can provide in a private consultation at our state-of-the-art luxury clinic.

Aging Face Restoration @ Wise Center New Jersey

How much does a deep plane facelift cost in NJ?

Fees for a deep plane facelift are based on several factors, including the extent of the work performed and whether any other treatments are performed at the same time, such as a neck lift or liposuction. While some may consider a facelift costly, when compared to the ongoing need for non-surgical solutions such as fillers and injectables as well as over-the-counter anti-aging products, it may actually be the most cost-effective approach to combating maturity.

  • Surgeon’s fees – It is essential to choose an experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon who excels in the delicate, complex art of rhytidectomy.
  • The complexity of the surgery – A more complex surgery will cost more than a relatively simple procedure.
  • Anesthesia – Deep plane facelift surgery requires anesthesia, with more in-depth procedures fetching a higher per-hour rate. Dr. Wise will calculate your anesthesia costs once he has decided on the best approach for your needs.
  • Pre-surgical testing – You may need to undergo lab testing and routine physical exams before your deep plane facelift surgery to ensure you are a valid candidate. These tests help your surgeon anticipate complications that might arise due to your health issues.
  • Post-surgical costs – You will need post-surgical garments, prescription medications, and follow-up visits after surgery. These fees can be assessed during your private consultation and factored into your total bill.

Deep Plane Facelift Recovery Timeline

  • Day of surgery – Immediately after surgery, you will be wrapped in bandages around the face and neck, which will stay on for the first 24 hours. Your pain can be well controlled with prescription medications from the doctor. Swelling, bruising and tenderness are all to be expected. Rest assured, these side effects will fade over the coming weeks to reveal your beautiful new facial contours.
  • First few days post-op – During this time, it’s important that you rest and heal. Following a healthy diet can also aid in your healing. Your swelling will be at its most significant during this period but will die down shortly.
  • First week post-op – You can continue to use cold compresses to ease your discomfort, but your symptoms of bruising, swelling and numbness may already be subsiding. At one week post-op, you will be feeling much better about your appearance, and you will be able to wear makeup to help cover up any discoloration in the skin..
  • Ten days to three weeks post-op – Most clients can return to work at this juncture, although strenuous physical activity should be avoided for up to six weeks, depending on your doctor’s orders. Your swelling will be quite manageable, and it may not even be noticeable to other people.
  • Several months post-op – You will now be able to enjoy all your favorite activities. You can use a daily moisturizer with sunblock to help preserve your skin. Your scars will gradually fade and become increasingly inconspicuous.

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Dr. Wise and his staff are amazing. Every step of my procedure was explained to me in great detail. I felt extremely comfortable. I felt as if I were surrounded by family in the office. My procedure was painless and the results were truly amazing. I was able to see results immediately and was thrilled. My results looked so natural and exceeded way beyond expectations. I can’t thank Dr. Wise and his staff enough for my new natural look.

Patient from Newark, NJ

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