Why Choose Dr. Wise for a Facelift in New Jersey?

Throughout his career, Dr. Wise has carried out more than 5,000 facial rejuvenation procedures. This is just one of the many factors that have earned him a reputation as one of the country’s most talented and experienced facial plastic surgeons.

As a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Wise has attained a positive reputation within the international cosmetology community. He is best known for his innovative and highly effective surgical techniques that accomplish facial rejuvenation while focusing on artistry. Above all, he strives to preserve his patients’ natural beauty while achieving the enhancements they want to see in themselves.

When not working with his patients, he serves as a professor of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at NYU School of Medicine. Patients who choose Dr. Wise can rest assured that they are getting the best treatment possible.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Wise today and embark on a journey to a new you.

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