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If you are one of the countless people with visible veins, sclerotherapy treatments can bring you relief at last.

The procedure can provide relief – both cosmetic and physical – from unsightly visible spider veins. Sclerotherapy involves injections into the vein structure, with no downtime.

Sclerotherapy: The Process

A “sclerosant” is a hardening solution, which is injected into spider veins. This solution shrinks the targeted veins, which fade and disappear in the following weeks. This treatment for unsightly, uncomfortable spider veins is one of the most effective, simple, and painless treatments available, requiring only an hour to perform.

Why live with visible veins when treating them with sclerotherapy causes them to disappear? We invite you to meet with us about the procedure – you can finally be free from spider veins in just a short, non-invasive treatment, with no downtime or difficult side effects.

Sclerotherapy New Jersey

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Vein Treatment That Works: Sclerotherapy

Beyond the relief you experience with visible veins disappearing, sclerotherapy has the added advantage of preventing a recurrence. The treatment is comprehensive, as once the veins are collapsed, they can't re-appear. Sclerotherapy is a superior treatment over other options, as it is non-invasive, and easy to tolerate as a patient.

Benefits Of Sclerotherapy

While your body will be cleared of unsightly veins, sclerotherapy offers benefits beyond just the cosmetic. Spider veins can come with painful symptoms, all of which can become a memory.

These include:

  • Aching sensation

  • Burning sensation

  • Swelling

  • Leg cramps

Sclerotherapy: The Treatment

When you come to our private New Jersey clinic for treatment, it is important that you know exactly what to expect when undergoing sclerotherapy.

The procedure takes very little time to complete and involves the following simple steps:

  • The area to be treated is thoroughly cleaned with alcohol.
  • A tiny needle is used to inject the solution into the blood vessels creating the unsightly or uncomfortable veins.
  • The targeted vein can no longer carry blood to the area; it is re-routed to healthy veins. The treated veins, over the following weeks, no longer function and slowly disappear.

Our patients tell us sclerotherapy treatments are not difficult to experience. The sensations you may feel include a mild stinging or cramps when the solution is injected. For those with a lower threshold of pain, a numbing cream can be applied prior to this simple injection treatment.

Following sclerotherapy treatment, a gentle massage will be performed on the area. This massage will help stop the blood from flowing to the vein structure, as well as assisting to dispense the solution more thoroughly.

Sclerotherapy New Jersey
Sclerotherapy New Jersey

Is Sclerotherapy A Safe Way To Treat Visible Veins?

You may have concerns about the safety of the procedure. To reassure you, it is important to understand that the visible veins actually carry very little blood, which will now flow into other, healthier, deeper blood vessels. This procedure does not pose a health risk or impact healthy circulation. In fact, it is improved, as the blood, rather than lingering in an area, is now flowing as it should.

Advancements In Sclerotherapy Treatments

While some form of sclerotherapy has been used for decades, advancements in treatment now make the process far more comfortable and easy on the patient. You can resolve the physical and cosmetic problems of uncomfortable and unsightly veins in about one hour – without concern that you will suffer through a difficult, painful treatment.

Recovery From Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a minor, minimally invasive treatment and does not involve recovery time; most patients simply go back to work or their other activities immediately after the treatment is complete.

To help speed healing, it is helpful to take walks every day. It will take several weeks for the treated veins to completely disappear. It may speed healing time to wear compression socks for a few weeks after treatment. Your individual treatment plan will be crafted once our doctorally prepared Nurse Practitioner Radhika has evaluated your condition.

Sclerotherapy New Jersey

Types Of Sclerotherapy Solutions

If you have many visible veins, you may require more than one treatment to fully address the condition. Nurse Practitioner Radhika will determine your individual treatment plan after a private consultation during which she assesses your specific needs.

When treating the body for a cosmetic or physical issue, it is imperative that you have total confidence in your provider, and experience performing this treatment is important. If performed incorrectly, there is a risk of developing problems, including blood clots, inflammation, or being left with visible scars.

Side Effects Of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a very safe procedure, and carries very little risk, as opposed to more invasive and painful treatments such as “vein stripping.”

The side effects that some patients experience may include:

  • Itchy sensation at injection site
  • Veins may initially feel hard or lumpy, slowly dissolving over the weeks ahead.
  • You may experience slight bruising or a tender sensation at the injection site.
  • Some patients see tiny veins developing around the injection site which slowly disappear without the need for treatment. It is simply the blood finding a new route.

Ready To Be Free Of Visible Veins? Connect With Us.

We invite you to visit our New Jersey clinic to have your condition evaluated. Every person is different in the degree of the condition. Some patients have more extreme cases of spider veins. The most important aspect of getting treatment is that you have complete trust in the experience, knowledge, and care you will be receiving.

Your first step is to meet with us personally. Expect to feel comfortable, safe, and in the hands of medical professionals you can count on to use the safest procedures, and who genuinely care about bringing you relief from unsightly, painful visible veins. Call today.

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