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Otoplasty Or Ear Surgery

What it is:

An otoplasty or ear surgery is performed on both adults and children to correct ear shape and protrusion, allowing for a more natural appearance. Otoplasty makes one or both ears more proportionate to the size and shape of the head and face. An otoplasty procedure can pin back your ears, reshape them, reduce their size or make them more symmetrical.

Individuals who seek to improve the appearance of their ears and are physically healthy may be good candidates for otoplasty. The surgery may be performed on children as young as five to six years of age, and it is often recommended that it take place at an early age. It is, however, becoming more and more common for adults to choose this procedure as well.

Otoplasty New Jersey

Where it helps:

Otoplasty enhances the appearance of the outer ear in both adults and children so that it appears less prominent and more natural*. From a medical standpoint, ear-correcting surgery is ideally performed at ages 5 to 6 years because the ear is almost grown to adult size.

For most children, peer ridicule can be disruptive to a child’s self-esteem and outlook. Psychosocially, otoplasty performed prior to primary school age has had a tremendously positive impact on a child’s self-esteem.

What it entails:

For adults, Dr. Wise conveniently performs the procedure in our fully accredited office- based surgical center. General anesthesia is not needed, and patients may go home the same day.

For young children, Dr. Wise generally performs the otoplasty at an ambulatory surgical center on an outpatient basis, under deeper sedation.

What to expect:

Patients who experience otoplasty with Dr. Wise can expect the procedure to last 2 to 3 hours. They are able to see the results of the procedure immediately. After your surgery, you will return home wearing a light dressing that remains until the next day. We ask that you wear a tighter bandage around your ears for the next week.

About a week after surgery, most individuals can return to work or school and most normal activities. After the first week, Dr. Wise asks his patients to continue to wear the tighter bandage at night to prevent the ear from folding over while you sleep. For more information contact us now.

Otoplasty New Jersey

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I came in for otoplasty and as soon as I sat down to talk with him, I knew Dr. Wise was the best choice. My experience with Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise and his team was great. From the very first day everyone made me feel very comfortable. I really liked that Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise took his time with each procedure and was very sincere with the expected outcome and the actual results of the procedure. I am very happy with the overall service, professionalism, and dedication of Dr. Wise and his team and I would like to thank everyone.

Daniel S.

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