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Real Patient Reviews

I can’t praise Dr. Wise and his amazing team highly enough. In the world where quality and precision are quickly becoming outdated, he reminds us of what a real Master is. He is both an artist and a visioner, a doctor and a craftsman, with an impeccable taste and a sense of balance and measure. When I walked into his office for the first time (quite a bit fearful, of course, and hesitant, and a bit incredulous - it was a ‘second opinion’ visit after I had already seen one plastic surgeon), I was greeted so warmly and so genuinely, and immediately taken into the the consultation room, which felt anything but a medical office, but rather like a studio that had something to do with science, technology – and art. Dr. Wise’s interest in art and architecture, his aesthetics were clear right away, and for me personally it was important, because to me, taste is everything in this art. And so are, of course, experience and expertise. The whole environment was joyously modern, clearly cutting edge, and emulated confidence. During the rather long, personal, and absolutely unhurried conversation, I was quickly beginning to feel not fearful, but excited. It was made clear that the result would look very natural, that it would still be me. Needless to say, I made my decision right there – and never looked back. His assistants (there are many and everyone has a role, and everyone is GENUINELY courteous, caring, and warm) are an integral part of Dr.Wise’s practice. This plays, in my view, a huge role in Dr.Wise’s success: not only is he a master of his craft, but also a leader, the captain at the helm, who has put together a smoothly operating, very modern crew, where everyone is on the same page.

It so happened that a few days before the surgery, I contracted Covid, and my procedure was rescheduled twice, with no hassle. Then, finally, the day came. Many people write about Dr.Wise’s traditional reassuring phone calls the night before. Who else would do it? Well, I haven’t met a doctor who’d do that. A few minutes make such a difference in your mood and help you remember that you are excited much more than you’re terrified (which, of course, you are). But the morning of the procedure, as soon as you are in the office, all fears subside. The doctor comes in, smiling, all business, confident and reliable, and you can’t feel anything but excitement and confidence, too.

nBut all this wouldn’t mean much if the results were not what you had expected (or, in my case, better). I already said it to the doctor and his wonderful medical assistant, Sue (your hand-holder at all stages), when I came for the 7-week follow up: the procedure changed my life in a way I hadn't anticipated. I got rid of much more than drooping eyelids and under-eye bags - I suddenly felt “normal”, for the first time in my life. I felt confident. These days (exactly 2 months after the procedure), I already wear mascara much less often than before when I am about to see people - before, I needed it to somehow “open” and underscore my eyes. Now I feel confident with no makeup whatsoever, I feel NORMAL, like everyone else. And the way in which for the first time I saw the real shape of my eyes (now unobstructed by the swollen eyelids) – my eyes, which “opened up”, is astounding.


Hi! First off I just wanted to say that yesterday was an amazing experience for me. The entire office staff was so kind and personable. It felt as if we were all best friends. I have never had an experience like that before in an office and I hope you all know how amazing you are. Every single person that entered our room was so pleasant and I’m so happy I got to meet all of you.


A true professional in the field of hair restoration. Dr. Wise and his Staff provide a level of comfort and care second to none, for those looking to improve their appearance and are unhappy with losing their hair, please take action and fear no more - have a consultation with Dr. Wise. Dr. Wise and Jenna at the initial consultation eased any concerns I had regarding the procedure, and gave me sound advice on keeping my native hair in tact for the long haul. The procedure was as smooth as could be for any medical procedure. Pain free hair transplant with little to no swelling and or discomfort after the procedure. In addition the PRP treatments (which I highly recommend) were also pain free for those scared of needles fear no more. Life is too short to be unhappy about your appearance for elements of life you have no control over such as male pattern baldness. From the moment I had an initial consultation, to being 6 months post FUE transplant, I have been nothing short of happy with my results, and even more appreciative of the top level of care by Dr. Wise and his Staff.


I would like to thank Dr. Wise, Jenna, and the staff for the professionalism displayed during my Fue hair restoration procedure. From day one I felt comfortable about my decision. The office was neat and clean, the staff kind and courteous. On the day of the procedure, everything was flawless. It’s been six months now and I am pleased with the impressive results. Dr Wise said my hair still will continue to fill out; I look forward to my 12 month visit. My only regret is that I should have done this years ago!

Nick M.

If every doctor’s office was run like the Wise Center there would never been unhappy patients!! I never wait, they make you feel so comfortable, they are so kind and accommodating. It always feels like a luxury experience to go to their office. I had a lot of work done – upper bleph, facelift, fat transfer and co2 laser skin resurfacing so I expected a lot of pain. I was so surprised that there really wasn’t much pain, just some tightness and it really wasn’t bad. I was comfortable the whole time. I am 2 months post-op and I am so happy my jowels are gone!! And what a difference the laser skin resurfacing made in my skin!…no more sun spots or age spots. Upper lids were exactly right too. Dr. Wise made all the best decisions to give me the results I wanted. The fat volume transfer was a great decision too and I love that he used my fat because it’s natural and I did not have to use filler. I cannot be more pleased with my results and impressed with the experience. So many people have noticed my improved appearance and I am so happy.

Raven M.

I would recommend Dr. Wise to anyone. 3 members of our family all had hair restoration with Doctor Wise. Doc was very attentive and was available whenever I needed him, even at 11:00 at night when we called him. The entire staff was phenomenal throughout my hair transplant process. I am only 2 weeks post op, but I am confident I will have excellent results under his care based on the hair results I saw from my cousin and uncle.

Phil V.

Dr. Wise has done several procedures on me. He did an amazing job with fillers and Botox, and made me look very natural. About 6 months ago, I had a lower blepharoplasty done, and again, I was so happy. Most recently, I had a rhinoplasty revision and am absolutely thrilled. He is so talented and I am so glad I found him for these procedures. His office is beautiful and his staff treats you like you have known them forever. They make you feel as though you are in the best care. Dr. Wise, in addition to being an artist with his work, has an incredible bedside manner. I could not be happier. My results exceeded all expectations and I highly recommend him.

Holly E.

From beginning to end, the service, procedure, and the staff, all showed exemplary professionalism. I am about 1/2 way through with seeing results from my hair transplant and I am very pleased so far. Looking toward to continued growth of my new hair.

Francis R.

I was hesitant about coming in to see Dr. Wise for a hair transplant because I really did not know what to expect. The process was way easier than I ever imagined and the results are better than I imagined and I am only half way through. I cannot wait to see what my hair looks like in another 6 months!

Ada J.

The process was very easy for me. Dr. Wise gave me a lot of information that I did not get from other doctors. He gave me a lot of details about the rhinoplasty procedure which made me feel very comfortable. The staff was very friendly and helped me throughout the healing process. I am very very happy with my new nose. Before I had it done, I was scared it was going to look too small, but now it very natural and I love the results.

Walter J.

I’m very pleased with the end result of my PRP treatments with Dr. Wise, the difference in my hair is very noticeable by people I interact with daily.

Ricky L.

I love coming to Dr. Wise’s office for fillers and Botox. I have been a patient of his for years and would never consider going to anyone else. He is the best of the best. Nowhere else will you find a facial plastic surgeon with his level of expertise, kindness and caring for his patients. Dr. Wise keeps me looking young and refreshed and I encourage anyone looking for facial rejuvenation to choose Dr. Wise. Since I have been seeing Dr. Wise I also started getting facials in the medical spa with Jennifer their Esthetician and that is such a treat as well. Dr. Wise and Jennifer are my secret weapons to beauty and confidence. There is no reason to go anywhere else! The new office is gorgeous too. I feel like I am at a fancy Manhattan office without having to drive over the bridge. Treat yourself to a fabulous experience and see Dr. Wise. You will not regret spending the money.

Rosaria A.

At 72 years old I finally decided it was time to get some work done. When I went in for a consultation, Dr. Wise recommended an upper blepharoplasty, facelift, and fat transfer. I had the procedures done soon after the consult and it was truly the best decision I ever made. For a long time before my surgery I was wearing only turtle necks because I was so self-conscious with my neck and how I looked. Now, after surgery, I can wear any neck line and certain clothes that I wasn’t comfortable wearing before. I look 20 years younger, sounds crazy, but it’s true! I feel amazing and I am very happy with the decision I made and that I chose Dr. Wise.

Lola J.

Dr. Wise has great bedside manner and is very knowledgeable. He really puts you at ease and has the skills and expertise to back it up. I had a rhinoplasty and liposuction and I am very very happy with the procedures. The best part is that nobody noticed what I had done but everyone has been saying that I look great. Good plastic surgery is the kind that no one knows about and that is what Dr. Wise did for me!

Laurie B.

Overall, I did a lot of research on hair restoration procedure so I was already knowledgeable about it. Dr. Wise eased my nerves and was honest with me throughout the process. He made me feel very comfortable and I knew leaving the procedure that I was going to be happy. Overall, I am very happy and after just 6 months I already have more hair than I thought I would. If I planned to have a second procedure done I would definitely come to Dr. Wise.

Joan C.

Dr Wise’s bedside manner is one of the best that I ever encountered. He is extremely professional and so is his staff. They were very accommodating as well. End result after my facelift procedure is everything I hoped it would be.

Consuelo F.

Dr. Wise is extremely easy to talk to and work with and very personable. I would recommend anyone to at least come and speak with him and give him a chance because you will end up choosing him. I had an FUE hair transplant and my friend is now having the same procedure with Doc in a few months. Excellent experience.

Monica R.

The results from my rhinoplasty are really natural looking. Dr. Wise is an excellent doctor, very knowledgeable, and has great bedside manner. He makes you super comfortable in his care. Healing process was pretty short lived and better than expected.

Crystal R.

I had an FUE transplant at the wise center. The doctor was true to his word and extremely diligent and delivered results that I am extremely happy with.

Deanna K.

I had an amazing experience at the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration. Everything Dr. Wise committed and promised me for my FUE hair restoration procedure was accurate and my expectations were set appropriately. The skill set of Dr. Wise is remarkable…. seeing the photos from pre-surgery to now (a year later) I am so happy with the results and so is my wife! The office is flexible with appointments and the staff is wonderful. I would rate Dr. Wise and his team five out of five stars with everything. I tell my friends with similar hair loss issues as I had not to worry or stress because you don’t have to live with hair loss. Hair restoration is possible and your hair can be fixed if you visit Dr. Wise.

Jacqueline R.

Dr. Wise himself allowed me to text him whenever I was feeling unsure or worried. I’m sure I texted him more than any other patient he’s ever had. I was nervous about the procedure, he was there.

Donna Z.

If I had someone in my family that needed cosmetic or medical facial procedure done I would always refer Dr. Wise. He explains things to you and he cares about his patients and the overall outcome of the procedure. It’s nice to have that comfortable feeling. When I had questions after my rhinoplasty surgery he called me right back. There was always an immediate response and immediate concern from Dr. Wise and his staff and I got the attention I needed. Diane the patient care coordinator was pivotal in the process and helped set the expectations for me. It was a full-service experience before, during, and after the procedure. It was a very nice experience.

Lena L.

I love my new nose!! So glad I did it and wish I did it sooner. I am getting married in 2 weeks and when we took our engagement photos I hated all the profile shots of my face. That was the last straw and I knew I wanted to get it done. I am really excited and happy about my new nose. No one has even noticed that I had anything done until I show them my ‘before’ photo and then they are shocked. I am looking forward to seeing the photos from my wedding now that I do not have to worry about my nose!

Maxine C.

I am now 6 months out from my facelift surgery with Dr. Wise and I can honestly say that the procedure has made a meaningful difference in my life. I feel happier, younger and most of all, I don’t feel like an old man anymore! People have noticed a positive change in my looks, but nobody knows exactly what is different about me. I’m a private person, so I’ve been telling people that I lost weight and have been getting more rest. My wife also received a facelift from Dr. Wise and she looks beautiful, appearing to be 20 years younger but still age-appropriate. The perfect combination. Dr. Wise did a phenomenal job with both of our procedures. His expert technique and flawless judgment ensure a discreet procedure, natural looking results, and no noticeable scars. We both couldn’t be happier with the results and we plan to stay looking younger for a long time.

Dinah L.

It’s been six months since my lower facelift/upper eye procedure and I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my results! I just pulled up some before pics as a reminder of what I looked like before the procedure (you do get use to the results quickly and can actually forget the before) and the results are just what I wanted, only much better! You are a wonderful surgeon and I’m glad I chose you for this procedure.

Michelle R.

Thank you so much!! I am so happy already and it’s only getting better every day. I am a strong believer in getting a procedure done if it will make someone’s dreams come true, like it did for me, and I hope as time goes on people will become more accepting of plastic surgery as something beautiful and positive rather than fake or unnecessary. My experience with Dr. Wise was incredible so it was my pleasure to share it and hopefully it inspires people to take that step toward self-confidence!

Valerie H.

My nose surgery went really well with Dr. Wise. I did not bruise or swell at all. Better recovery than expected and very little pain. My nose looks very natural. Major improvement from before surgery!!


I came to Dr. Wise for a revision rhinoplasty, but I feared he wasn’t going to be able to fix the damage that had been done previously by other doctors. During the consultation, he used the 3D Vectra Imager to simulate what my nose would look like after surgery and he set realistic expectations for me. I was nervous since this would be my 3rd nose procedure, but he called me the night before my surgery which really reassured me that I was in good hands. It’s been 2 months since my procedure and I am 100% satisfied with the results already. The tip of my nose now looks natural and is completely symmetrical, my breathing has improved, and my nose is overall straighter as well. Dr. Wise has completely exceeded my expectations and now I am a regular patient at the Wise Center for all my beautifying needs. I highly recommend him because he is an exceptional doctor and he makes every interaction comfortable. I feel confident in his care and I would never go to any other surgeon!

Cecilia J.

At 27 years of age, I have watched my hair disappear for the last several years. I was always self-conscious about having a bald spot on my head. After I got engaged and began preparing for a wedding, I began thinking about my wedding photos. All I kept thinking was that there is no need for me to be embarrassed and constantly trying to find ways to cover my balding. There had to be a solution. I began first with trying to use Rogaine and take biotin pills. There was no progress. That is when I began doing research on the FUE hair transplant. I was still doubtful that anything would work, but that has been the complete opposite. It is 8 months after my surgery and I regained all of my confidence back with my hair. In August, I will have the wedding of my dreams and a full head of hair for my pictures thanks to Dr. Wise and his team.

Agnes L.

I was always looking drawn and tired. No matter how well I applied makeup, my look never had that cheerful look I was known for most of my life. Now people say I look great, happy, rested and vibrant. Nobody has asked if I had any kind of procedure. What a blessing this has been in my life. Dr. Wise & staff from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Cristina K.

I highly recommend Dr. Wise and the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery in Wayne, New Jersey. I went to see Dr. Wise at the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery and my experience was amazing! The personalized service was exemplary! I was very nervous and Dr. Wise was patient, understanding, and really took the time to explain everything to me. Most importantly, the procedure was painless and flawless. I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone but Dr. Wise.

Mary R.

Amazing Wise Signature Lift in Wayne, New Jersey! From my first consultation I was very impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Wise and all of the office staff. He explained the procedures in depth and answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. I was very pleased with my fine results and now continue to receive Botox and Juvederm to maintain my new and improved look. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Jeffrey Wise.

Christine R.

For someone who has rarely had surgery, getting major cosmetic surgery was not something I wanted to think about. But I must admit that twelve years ago I had liposuction of my double chin, and it was a terrible job. I hated the result of the surgery, and had “waves” of skin under my chin. Ugly! Then, once I reached the ripe old age of 65, I realized that I now had my mother’s jowls, and my father’s droopy upper lids (as well as bags under my eyes). In addition, the terrible liposuction job from years ago started to really look awful. I started hating the mirror, and realized that it was time I take some action.

Although I didn’t want to tell a single soul, I felt that personal references would be the best way to go. I reached out to a few close friends whom I thought might know of an excellent plastic surgeon. I was given five names, and was told each one was “the best.” So, where to go from here? I started by researching on the internet. Three of the five listed as their specialty “breast augmentation.” In fact, they each had many areas of expertise, but none had facial surgery toward the top of their list. In addition, some had terrible reviews online. It’s hard to trust someone after reading some of that.

When I researched Dr. Wise, I was instantly impressed by the fact that he only did work on the face and neck. Since he seemed to be the most experienced, and was highly recommended, I made an appointment to meet with him, as well as two other doctors on “the list.”

I was very impressed with Dr. Wise, not only with his expertise, but also his insights and understanding. I felt he was the right choice for me, but wanted to be sure, so I still consulted with two other surgeons. They both seemed good, but after meeting with them, I felt even more confident that Dr. Wise was the one for me.

The night before my surgery, he called my home to put me at ease. The day of surgery, he gave me a pat on the shoulder which helped to calm my nerves. I felt he had my best interests at heart, and I knew he would take good care of me.

The recovery was not nearly as bad as I expected, with minimal pain and bruising. The office staff was great, and I am happy to say that I love my younger looking face! Once again I can look in the mirror and like what I see. The drooping eyelids…gone! The bags under my eyes…gone! Those awful jowls…gone! And best of all…that unevenness from that nasty liposuction years before…gone! I can’t thank Dr. Wise enough for the wonderful job he performed, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their appearance.

Jeannette J.

I had an ideal experience in Wayne, NJ. Why would you go anywhere else? I wouldn’t trust anyone else with injections in my face. I received Botox and Juvederm and Dr. Wise literally melted 5 years from my 34-year-old face in 15 minutes. I feel much more confident now going back to school and being in classrooms with younger people. You have to trust your doctor, and you can trust someone who graduated from Yale, Cornell, Penn, and NYU.

Ruth R.

Best Facial Plastic surgeon in Wayne, New Jersey! Extremely pleased with my results from Dr. Wise. I found Dr. Wise and his staff to be very professional, helpful and caring. His office is top notch in the overall experience, technology and cleanliness. After seeing Dr. Wise and his results I would not trust another doctor with my facial needs. I would be more then happy to recommend Dr. Wise and his office to ANYONE!

Shelia A.

Dr. Wise at the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery in Wayne, NJ is amazing! I had a Facelift, Fat Transfer and Laser Skin Resurfacing of my entire face and couldn’t be happier. I am thrilled with my terrific results! I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Wise and his entire staff. Dr. Wise made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and also made sure to answer all my questions. The Wise Center is a state of the art office and top notch! I would recommend him to everyone I know!!

Susan W.

This was one of the best decisions I’ve made! Dr. Wise and his staff were top-notch in taking care of me both before and after my rhinoplasty. I couldn’t be happier with the appearance of my “new” nose – it’s perfect! I recommend Dr. Wise to anyone and everyone interested in plastic surgery. He and his staff truly make it a worry free and enjoyable experience! You will be extremely pleased with the results!

Marlon C.

Just a quick note of thanks for your professionalism in treating me a few weeks back. Your staff is WONDERFUL- warm, engaging, and the new office is beautiful. I love the results and have not been shy about speaking highly of my experience with you and your office. Thank you again.

Nora A.

Dr. Wise, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything! Your demeanor, given my anxiety, was truly characteristic of an excellent physician, as well as a person with great character! Thank you for caring!

Catherine J.

Thanks again!!! The treatment was the best. As always, Dr. Wise was great. I am a happy camper once again about the way my face turned out! Thanks again!

Jason S.

As a 40 year-old woman, I am always trying to stay ahead of the aging game. Dr. Wise always takes his time with me. His staff is so sweet and professional. I have had several ‘non-invasive’ procedures with him that turned out great. He trained at Yale and U Penn. He teaches at NYU. I don’t bother going into NYC when Dr. Wise is so close to home!

Lillie C.

I had been referred to Dr. Wise by a close friend so I made an appointment to discuss a procedure. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease about the process and expectations. I just had my fourth procedure by Dr. Wise and I have never looked better. If anyone in Northern NJ is looking to have any cosmetic procedure go see Dr. Wise!

Charlotte M.

My 60th birthday present to me! I hated my turkey neck! I was amazed how painless and easy the procedure was. Dr. Wise and his staff put me at ease during the entire process, from my initial consult to my quick recovery. I was back to work in two weeks. I returned to work in a flurry of compliments. I am a teacher in middle school. My students, unaware of my surgery said, “Mrs. T, did you cut your hair? You look sooo young!” I feel more self assured and confident. Prior to the surgery I lost 100lbs. This left me with hanging skin on my neck. I lost the triple chin but not the skin. My neck is smooth now and I feel so much younger. My brother said “you look like the sister I had 20 years ago”. That made me cry, with tears of joy. Thank you, Dr. Wise, and the entire staff for making this happen!

Idella T.

Dr. Wise is a compassionate doctor. He took time to go over my concerns in detail. My main concern was my chin and neck. He corrected the problem and made me look younger. I cannot thank Dr. Wise enough for giving me my confidence back. There are a lot of plastic surgeons out there but Dr. Wise stands out the most. I truly recommend Dr. Wise. I am fortunate that I met Dr. Wise, he is a remarkable doctor and his staff is great and caring.

Joanne G.

It has been 5 weeks since I had upper blepharoplasty done by Dr. Wise and so far I am very happy with the results. If you are considering this procedure, consult with Dr. Wise and go for it, you will be thinking afterwards “why didn’t I do this sooner?” The procedure was painless and recovery time was quick!

Angela C.

I am so happy I chose Dr. Wise for my facelift and other procedures. His manner is comforting and professional. He put me at ease the first time I met him. After the procedure, it took about three weeks for most of the swelling to go down. By four weeks, I was thrilled with how I looked. I am truly ecstatic with the results. Choosing Dr. Wise as my plastic surgeon is a decision I’ll never regret!

Sydney J.

I cannot thank you enough for making me so happy! Thank you for giving me a second chance at looking the way I had hoped to! You truly are an angel, and a wonderful person as well as a wonderful doctor!

Viola S.

Thanks so much for my lovely face. I look like I am 30 years old again (and my husband really likes that). I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed all the care you all put into my face. Everyone who knows me said I look like I had a lot of rest. My co-workers all said I look great!

Yolande R.

With special thanks to all of you! I cannot express in words the positive impact you have made in my life. Your compassion and skill have deeply affected me. Thank you so much!

Pamelia C.

I’m writing because I’d like to thank you, although I can hardly express my appreciation. I had always been unhappy with the way my lips looked, and it was something that bothered me every time I looked in the mirror. I never did anything about it because I didn’t have a doctor I could trust, especially with my face. Plus, I work in the public eye and could not take any risks. I met several people who had various procedures done by you and it quickly became evident that I had found a doctor I could trust. You were so patient with my questions and the fact that you took so much time to listen and understand my concerns was incredible. Beyond that, your work is magnificent. You truly possess an artistic gift that far surpasses any other. I know that you will make sure to give me your honest opinion and always create a beautiful, natural result. I can’t thank you enough.

Myrtle D.

Dr. Wise has been my doctor for my aesthetic needs for quite a while. I was referred to him by a dear friend who said she would never recommend anyone other than Dr. Wise, and I feel the same way. He has an eye for beauty and takes the time to really understand what his patients are hoping to achieve in their appearance. His results never fall short of completely sensational and I recommend him to everyone I know! Thank you, Dr. Wise!

Patsy R.

Finally, we have a great plastic surgeon in New Jersey – no more long trips to New York City! Dr. Wise is not only a top plastic surgeon, but a doctor that relates well to his patients. The office atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

Kelli E.

Dr. Wise is not only “wise” beyond his years, but can put a smile on your face while taking away the wrinkles! Patient and understanding, Dr. Wise relates to his patients with a personal touch. I intend to visit him frequently.

Elisha P.

I think Dr. Wise is a compassionate, kind man. He was extremely attentive and offered suggestions that were sincere and helpful. I am 55 years old. I had Restylane injected around my mouth and Botox and Restylane on my forehead. He was very gentle. By the time I left his office I looked 10 years younger and felt great. I WOULD NOT HESITATE RECOMMENDING HIM!

Catherine J.

I want to tell you how delighted I am with your work. I have been researching facelifts for over ten years. A good friend says I have my sparkle back, my son says he likes how natural I look, and my husband calls me his trophy wife. Most importantly, I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you so much!

Hazel B.

A wonderful doctor and office in Wayne, New Jersey! I am a registered Nurse and Dr. Wise was recommended to me by multiple physicians I work with and whose judgments I value. I could not be more pleased with my decision to pursue a mini facelift with Dr. Wise. Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and professional. The receptionist makes all who enter feel welcome, the surgical assistant is compassionate and very knowledgeable, and Dr. Wise is warm and approachable. More important, he is an amazingly skilled surgeon whom I highly recommend. Six weeks after my surgery I saw a picture of myself next to my 30 yr old daughter and said to her “we have matching necks!”

Christine K.

As soon as I met Dr. Wise, I knew he was the right guy for the job. He really listened to me and it seemed as if he didn’t even have to know what I wanted. My nose is now adorable and perfect and I can’t wait to start my first year of college as confident as ever thanks to Dr. Wise!

Antonio L.

Very happy with the results. Would recommend to everyone. Great office staff, very attentive and helpful. Doctor answered all my questions and more! He made me feel very confident in my decision and also has a great bedside manner. Thank you for making this process/experience as “painless” as possible.

Gregory S.

I came in for otoplasty and as soon as I sat down to talk with him, I knew Dr. Wise was the best choice. My experience with Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise and his team was great. From the very first day everyone made me feel very comfortable. I really liked that Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise took his time with each procedure and was very sincere with the expected outcome and the actual results of the procedure. I am very happy with the overall service, professionalism, and dedication of Dr. Wise and his team and I would like to thank everyone.

Daniel S.

I am a highly exacting older woman, a total perfectionist, from NYC. I needed some dramatic freshening and change, particularly before an upcoming wedding. Before I did anything, I interviewed many cosmetic surgeons and decided quickly upon Dr. Jeffrey Wise. He met every one of my stipulations. He was compassionate and explained all procedures in great depth, especially catering to my lay person’s understanding. He is undoubtedly the most talented surgeon I have met and certainly the most humble, despite diplomas from Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and NYU. He exuded only wisdom and humility. My kind of guy! As a bonus, his extraordinary team of nurses, Sue and Maggie, and his sparkling assistant Diane, did all within their power to make me feel comfortable at all times. I should also add that I have seen Dr. Wise many times after my procedure. Each time, he was concerned, professional, and resolved any issues that I had. To conclude, Dr. Wise did incredible work on my face. I could not be happier with the results. I look exactly the same—ONLY 15 YEARS YOUNGER!

Daniel S.

Dr. Wise is knowledgable and professional. Procedure was painless and exactly as described. Result was excellent!

Anthony M.

Dr. Wise is amazing! His office is totally state of the art and his staff will help you with ANYTHING! The Doctor even gives you his cell number after surgery just in case something goes wrong. Lvoe him and he will always be my Doc!

Mona C.

It was the best decision to come to Dr. Wise. The way my eyes looked bothered me for years. I’m so glad and pleased I had this work done. Dr. Wise is absolutely the best! I would recommend him to anyone. I look and feel so much better.

Bernard E.

Dr. Wise is an exceptional surgeon. His confident approach to all procedures is reassuring and comforting. Dr. Wise is always approachable, sensitive, positive, and honest. His medical staff is always professional, supportive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Wise with absolutely no hesitation. I would only trust Dr. Wise with such sensitive surgery.

Roger E.

I’ve wanted a necklift for a severe “turkey wattle” for at least 10 years, but never had the nerve to do it, until now. I went for several consultations with different doctors over a period of 2 years. I chose Dr. Wise based on his outstanding training, the fact that he’s a facial plastic surgeon, he received great ratings from this community, and he was able to put me at ease about the procedure. Plus, I did not have to undergo general anesthesia, yet was totally comfortable during the procedure. I recuperated at home for 10 days and was able to return to work with only minimal visible swelling. The turkey wattle is gone and I have a jawline again. Great results.

Rebecca A.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wises’ for the past 5 years and have always had an amazing experience, so much so that I have referred multiple friends and even trusted my daughter’s face to him prior to her wedding. The office staff is welcoming, friendly, discreet, and professional. The offices themselves are state of the art. I have had procedures from Botox, filler, to a lift, to rhinoplasty, and each time receive exemplary care from the consults to the post op follow up. Dr. Wise and his staff listen to me and have always given me the results that I have asked for—natural, refreshed, and real—me, just better!

Karen D.

Dr. Wise did a great job on removing my turkey neck which had bothered me for many years. Unlike other surgeons, he did not try to talk me into a complete face lift. His office and staff are very accommodating and approachable.

Roberta H.

I wanted to send you a little note to say THANK YOU for my new eyes (as me and my husband call them). You honestly will never know how much you have changed my life. When I was thinking about getting something done to fix under my eyes, I remembered all the advertisements in our local newspaper with your face. I also remember that you only do from the neck up. That was what I was looking for. I met you and instantly felt a sense of comfort. You seemed so down to earth and you never pushed anything else. You were the only doctor that I saw and I kind of took a chance with you. I am so glad, Dr. Wise, that I took a chance with you. I know you do this, probably, every day and it’s your job but I don’t think you realize how…your day job…affects people. Like it was life changing for me. I’m not being dramatic. I haven’t felt so good in a long time. I have my confidence back. I can’t stop staring at my eyes in the mirror. I honestly feel so pretty and I haven’t felt that way in years. My tired eyes are gone! It truly is amazing to me what a difference it is. You did an AMAZING job and for that I will always be thankful. Thank you so much, Dr. Wise, for everything. I am so happy with my new eyes. You will never know what you have done for me and how it has changed me forever.

Mallory B.

It took me a long time to find Dr. Wise. Over the years, I had a number of consultations but never felt confident to go through with the surgery. It is a little scary to give someone the power to “change” your face. When I met Dr. Wise, I knew he was the one. I trusted him. There was no hesitation with booking an appointment for the surgery. I loved the special photograph that was taken that was then used during my consultation. Dr. Wise was able to show me what he could do. He didn’t want to rearrange my face but rather enhance and bring back its natural beauty. He not only has incredible skills as a surgeon but he has an artist’s eye. I could “see” on the big screen what I could look like and I was happy with the image I saw. And I am even happier now after surgery with how I look. How I feel inside is now reflected outside. The staff were wonderful. They were available for all my questions both before and after surgery. They responded with professionalism and a deep caring.

Doris R.

Today for the first time I saw my before pictures in Dr. Wise’s office. I cried. I knew he was good – I didn’t know he was a wizard. When I went to see him for a consult, he suggested I do my neck and chin line. We also decided on a laser treatment for my skin. The results are just not to be believed. I will be 65 this January. I look 50….maybe. So we know he’s a great surgeon – now for the really good part – he’s a great and compassionate man with an equally amazing and compassionate staff. To say the least, I am high-maintenance. He and his staff held my hand every step of the way before, during and after the procedure. Two people I especially have to mention are Betty and Maggie. I was able to text and phone them any time day or night. They never acted like I was a bother. They both were supportive, understanding and encouraging.

Dr. Wise himself allowed me to text him whenever I was feeling unsure or worried. I’m sure I texted him more then any other patient he’s ever had. I was nervous about the procedure, he was there for me. During and after the surgery I had a million questions and concerns. He never complained, just responded as quickly as possible.

There is someone on staff to help you every step of the way, including after your procedure to show you what steps to take to protect your investment. Dr. Wise was willing to see me as often as I wanted to come in, encouraging me and letting me know everything was just as it should be. He has a million tricks up his sleeve for every concern.

One reason I chose Dr. Wise was that he concentrates on the face. His expertise is from the neck up, which is exactly what I wanted. I have since had filler and Botox expertly done by Dr. Wise. I’m so grateful that he is younger then I, because I plan on living a long life. With his help it will be a long BEAUTIFUL life!

Patricia D.

Prior to meeting with Dr. Wise, I had undergone nose surgery with another surgeon about 18 years ago and was not happy with the outcome. Dr. Jeffrey Wise not only made me feel comfortable about the procedure, but he also did an amazing job! Dr. Wise and his staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable; they made me feel safe & relaxed throughout my entire process Dr. Wise used the Vectra system to take my photos from different angles and we were able to see what about my nose bothered me the most and Dr. Wise was then able to create a simulated image to show me what the finished result would potentially look like. After my surgery was completed and he removed my bandage all I could say was WOW! My nose looked like the simulated image he had created during our consultation! My recovery was not what I expected but in a really good way! I had no bruising AT ALL and I was back to work 5 days post-surgery!! I am so happy that I found Dr. Wise and his team. My results are beyond what I ever expected!

Carolyn A.

A Tribute From Two Sisters

Sister #1

I discovered Dr. Wise on and knew from his 5 star reviews and glowing academic achievements that I would be meeting a highly skilled surgeon. What I did not know was that I would encounter one of the nicest people on the planet: someone who is kind, down to earth, humble, funny and an all-around wonderful human being. I relaxed the minute I met Dr. Wise and Diane, his lovely and ever-helpful Patient Care Administrator. The consultation for a mini lift for chin and neck tightening was easy and informative and I was so impressed by Dr. Wise’s professional expertise and personal qualities that I signed up for surgery on the spot. Being able to have the procedure in the very same office took so much anxiety away from the process. For me, the surgery and recovery were a piece of cake with a fabulous result. In addition to Diane, Dr. Wise has surrounded himself with incredibly caring and personable medical personnel: shout-outs to Maggie, Sue, Jennifer and Ella! The easy camaraderie among the staff makes every visit a pleasure. I will be frequenting this office for all my future skin care and surgical needs. I feel blessed and grateful to have found Dr. Wise.

Sister #2

My sister’s rave reviews of Dr. Wise and his practice, combined with her excellent surgical results, prompted me to seek my own consultation. I quickly recognized that my sister’s nickname for Dr. Wise (“Dr. Wonderful”) was a fitting description. I too felt immediately comfortable with Dr. Wise and his recommendation for addressing the signs of aging around my eyes. My surgical procedure went seamlessly and my superb results speak for themselves. I was ably supported through my consultation, surgery and recovery process by the lovely and personable Diane and the caring team of nurses and office staff noted in my sister’s write-up. Visits to Dr. Wise’s office have truly become a “family affair” for my sister and me, and we feel privileged to be on-going members of Dr. Wise’s extraordinary practice and loyal fan club.

A Grateful Sister Act
Northern NJ

Dr. Wise provides a caring and comfortable environment which complements his amazing skills as a surgeon. The improvement in my appearance has caused complete strangers to come up to me and tell me how beautiful I am thanks to Dr. Wise. I would recommend Dr. Wise to anyone needing a procedure. His results are natural looking but definitely a big improvement! I will use his services again!

Natasha J.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Wise because even though I felt energetic, when I looked in the mirror I felt old and tired and saw an aging face. We decided on an upper blepharoplasty and the mini-lift. Dr. Wise was very patient and understanding, answering all my questions concerning the procedure. His staff is professional, friendly and courteous. My recovery period took a little time, but within two to three weeks, I was back to work and shopping and driving. I have more energy as I look much younger and refreshed. No more turkey neck that aged me so much.

Virginia W.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to Dr. Wise and his staff for their expertise and patience. This was my first time ever having any cosmetic procedure done and I absolutely love the results. From the moment I walked in for my initial evaluation I felt comfortable and knew I had come to the right place. Dr. Wise took the time to explain everything and answer all of my questions. After going over everything I decided to go forward with his advice. I had an upper and lower bleph and I couldn’t be happier with the results which are natural and beautiful. I never had pain after the procedure, never even took an aspirin. This is a very gifted doctor who has an eye for facial equilibrium and is a great surgeon. I’m very picky and difficult to please but I really feel that this doctor is in a league of his own. I will trust only Dr. Wise with my face. He’s a gem. Thank you also to Diane, Maggie, Sue and Jennifer for being so professional, kind and always available. I sincerely believe that if you are looking for a great plastic surgeon look no further…. All the best, Rita L. Patient from Milan, Italy

Rita L.

I am so happy with the excellent work Dr. Wise did on my eyes and lip. Plus, he and his staff make me feel very welcome and comfortable. I love coming to his office.

Anne J.

Wise Center in Wayne, NJ . . . Amazing! Dr. Wise truly is a master at the art of facial plastic surgery. Dr. Wise not only listens to his patients, but will only do what is needed, he will not do extra procedures if not required. He is very compassionate, caring and provides unbelievable results! No one suspects that you’ve had any “work” done. Dr. Wise’s staff is also great and very responsive. I am very happy with my decision in choosing Dr. Wise as my surgeon and would recommend him to everyone I know. Nobody else in NJ to go to for eyelid or facelift procedures!

Kayla G.

Reasonable and affordable FUE hair transplant – I am very satisfied with the hair transplant procedure and I highly recommend the doctor and office staff. I believe you will also be happy if you choose this doctor! He was a reasonable and it was an affordable procedure. I am 6 months out and I really like the results… in a year I know I will love it! Dr. Wise said it takes about a year to see the full results from a transplant.

Ella P.

I’ve wanted a nose job for 8 years and finally decided to go through with it only because I felt so comfortable with Dr. Wise. I’m extremely type A, but didn’t even go for a second opinion because I knew Dr. Wise was the right doctor. I barely had any bruising and the results were even better than the projected pictures. I felt so comfortable. You definitely get out what you put in so do copious research, but you’ll find Dr. Wise is the best.

Timothy B.

I absolutely love Dr. Wise! My results are above and beyond what I expected. When my friends saw me they stated “Oh my God!” Who is the genius, we need him! I am so happy on the inside as well. Also, Dr. Wise’s treatment towards the entire process was so kind ad attentive. He is just wonderful! 1,000 stars for Dr. Wise!

Kristin D.

Staff and Dr. Wise are fabulous. After 4 months, I look 15 years younger and face and neck is almost totally reset and beautiful. The first 3 weeks were tough and I would recommend taking 3-4 weeks off. Definitely worth it. I look and feel fantastic!

Miriam D.

I had hair restoration with Dr. Wise, and my results were outstanding! My hair issues had been bothering me for a long time, and I had done a lot of research to find the best procedure and the best doctor. I am a busy health care professional, and could not afford to be out of work for a long period of time. Dr. Wise used the latest FUE technology on me, which resulted in minimal downtime, no scar and a very natural looking outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Wise!

Ray B.

CoolSculpting is a pretty amazing procedure – especially with Dr. Wise! Dr. Wise does DualSculpting, which means I got my treatment done in half the time! I was able to do my lower and upper stomach and love handles in 3 hours instead of 6! His staff was amazing! So sweet and caring, and I watched TV the entire time! CoolSculpting is non-invasive, and I was pleasantly surprised about how comfortable it was – after the first few minutes I didn’t feel a thing. I feel so much more confident in my jeans without huge rolls hanging out of the top! Thanks, Dr. Wise!

Jean W.

I am a 35 year old woman and I have been seeing Dr. Wise for many years. He is constantly bringing in the latest, most cutting edge technology, to keep me looking young and healthy. The office is beautiful, modern and extremely comfortable. Some treatments even have a spa like feel! He customizes his treatments to my specific needs and it always looks so natural! I love Dr. Wise!

Margaret W.

I was preparing for the procedure for 5 years; always hesitated and scared. Than I talked to my friend who knows someone who had this procedure. I talked to her, she was a patient of Dr. Wise in 2007, and she was still happy in 2013. Than I decided. I called, had an appointment, saw Dr. Wise, Maggie, Betty. I like the staff and feel good about the Doctor. The good thing is that Dr. Wise called me the evening before surgery which made me feel much better and secure. Thank you Dr. Wise and all personnel was very helpful.

Tammy R.

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