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At the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery, we often receive patients concerned with stubborn fat and looseness of skin and tissue in the prominent chin and neck area only. While many patients require a deep plane facelift and neck lift because of the amount of laxity of the neck, jawline, and jowls, some patients are primarily focused on the submental fullness/fat (double chin) only and seek to address the above with a less involved procedure.

These patients are usually younger and have a vibrant look but struggle with an "obtuse" neckline. This means that the region beneath the chin and into the neck lacks ideal contours and shape. Fortunately, Submentoplasty or a Deep Neck Lift can address this issue by removing excess fat and tightening the neck region's central muscle (platysma).


A submentoplasty / deep neck lift is a surgical procedure designed to permanently improve the shape and contours of the neck and jawline. The procedure works by removing fatty deposits from the neck and tightening the underlying muscles in both the chin and neck regions. What makes a submentoplasty procedure different from a deep plane face and neck lift is that it is far less invasive and focuses specifically on the areas of the chin and the upper neck. Instead of removing excess skin from the site, a submentoplasty procedure focuses on removing excess fatty deposits underneath the chin while aggressively tightening the central muscles that do not respond to weight loss.

Dr. Wise’s technique differs substantially from conventional liposuction in that region. Liposuction can only remove fat that lies beneath the skin and above the platysma muscle. Liposuction only does not allow for any manipulation of the muscle. During a submentoplasty / deep neck lift, Dr. Wise can remove fat superficially and deep into the muscle and tighten the muscle to achieve a more precise contour and angle between the chin and the neck.


A submentoplasty procedure can benefit patients by providing the following results:

  • A massive reduction in fat in the submental areas (under the chin and in the neckline)
  • A more aesthetically pleasing neck and jawline
  • A more balanced profile in the areas of the neck and chin
  • A more youthful look with defined contours
  • A sculpted jaw, chin, and neck
Submentoplasty NJ


Submentoplasty / Deep Neck Lift is an excellent option for patients with a “double chin” or any amount of excess fat and looseness in the neck region that they find to be bothersome. During the private consultation, Dr. Wise will thoroughly assess the patient’s current status and medical history to confirm their candidacy for Submentoplasty or recommend another more suitable procedure.

Patients who have the following conditions are considered to be ideal candidates for a Submentoplasty procedure:

  • Unwanted fat beneath the chin that is unaffected by diet and exercise
  • A non-contoured angle going from the chin down to the neck
  • Moderately tight skin in and around the neck area

Younger patients often have good skin elasticity but still suffer from excess fat and looseness beneath the chin, even if they are at a healthy weight. Usually, patients will state that they never had a great jawline, even in their teenage years and at their thinnest weight! Submentoplasty can be employed quickly and effectively to treat it. While submentoplasty procedures do not affect the lower portion of the face and jowls, they can have a massive impact on the neck and jawline and reverse signs of aging. Our highly trained specialists have the knowledge and skill set to help curate a treatment plan that works for you.


A small incision is made underneath the chin during a Submentoplasty / Deep Neck Lift procedure. Fat is carefully removed above and beneath the platysma muscle. Then, these central neck muscles are tightened and lifted to create a beautiful contour, and the vertical bands in the neck are removed. This makes a better-defined angle in the neck (often referred to as the cervico-mental angle). Liposuction may also be performed further to improve the neck's contours during this time.

A submentoplasty procedure can be carried out in as little as one hour and comes with less downtime and a shorter recovery period than a more traditional deep plane face and neck lift. The treatment involves only one small incision under the chin, so there will be fewer sutures and more straightforward aftercare instructions (plus fewer scars). Patients will likely experience swelling in the treatment area for one to two weeks following their procedure.


Following the procedure, the patient’s neck is fitted with a snug dressing which they must keep on for three days. Bruising and swelling may last for one to two weeks. Sutures are usually removed at the one-week mark. During the first three to four weeks of the recovery process, it is normal for patients to experience tightness and itching in the treatment areas.


With years of experience, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise has trained at Yale, Cornell, the University of Pennsylvania, and NYU. He focuses exclusively on plastic surgery of the face and neck and has become renowned among the international cosmetology community as a standout practitioner. His innovative and highly effective surgical methods can achieve incredible results that reflect true artistry. Dr. Wise prides himself on achieving outstanding results while preserving his patients’ natural beauty.

When not serving patients at his Wayne, New Jersey practice, Dr. Wise teaches at NYU School of Medicine as Assistant Clinical Professor of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Patients who choose Dr. Wise can rest assured that they are in the best hands.

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Submentoplasty NJ
Submentoplasty NJ

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