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Difference between BOTOX & Daxxify?

Botox, or botulinum neurotoxin, has been a staple of the cosmetic industry since 2002, and for good reason — it reduces the look of wrinkles and fine lines, in essence reversing the signs of aging. Typically, the results from Botox last between three to six months, and for the better part of the past two decades, there have only been two alternatives — Dysport and Jeuveau — both of which yield similar results. As of September 2022, however, there’s a new neurotoxin on the market called Daxxify that can last up to 9 months.

Why is Botox temporary?

Facial movements cause dynamic wrinkles. When Botox is injected into the muscle, it blocks nerve signals which cause the muscle to contract, thus relaxing the muscle and softening/smoothing out your face. Botox is derived from a protein which our bodies break down over time. How quickly this happens depends on a variety of things from exposure to environmental toxins to the person’s metabolic rate, averaging from three to six months. Dysport and Jeuveau are essentially the same protein but diluted differently, still giving them the same staying power of three to six months.

The Daxxify Difference

Similar to Botox, Daxxify is an injected wrinkle releaser. The Daxxify formula, however, is based on peptide exchange technology, making it more difficult for the body to break down. This gives Daxxify its staying power, lasting on average for six to nine months!

Daxxify is currently only available at select doctors’ offices, including the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery, because the company wanted only the best injectors to have early access.

Three tips to prolong your injection results

Although some things may be out of your control, make sure to follow these tips to make the most of the neurotoxin injections you choose!

  1. Avoid Sun Damage — spending too much time in the sun can lead to premature aging by breaking down collagen and damaging skin cells. It can also reduce the effectiveness and lifespan of Botox & other neurotoxins! The best solution is to layer up on SPF all year round. Neurotoxins don’t work on wrinkles, lines, and discoloration caused by sun damage, but all three can be effectively treated by laser procedures and chemical peels, and winter is the perfect time to undo the damage.
  2. Moisturize your skin — keeping skin plump and healthy by using a good-quality moisturizer is essential to reducing how quickly the neurotoxin within the facial muscles is broken down. Look for moisturizers rich in hyaluronic acid and collagen for the best results. Don’t know what could work for your skin? Reach out to our med spa team for a complimentary skin consultation!
  3. Avoid nicotine & stress — nicotine from smoking, vaping, and so forth, not only causes damage to skin cells but breaks down collagen, as well as reduces the effectiveness of injections. Stress can also cause cellular damage, releasing an inflammatory response in the body, which speeds up the aging process and with it, pressures the neurotoxin to wear off more quickly.

Have questions about optimizing your skin’s health and reversing the clock on your appearance? Call us for a complimentary consultation with our team.

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