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Five things you didn’t know fillers could do

As we mature, our face begins to lose some of the youthful fullness it once had. The production of collagen starts to slow, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Although it’s no secret that facelifts remain the longest-lasting method of turning back the hands of time, many patients are looking for rejuvenation options that come with a shorter recovery and downtime. Cue dermal fillers! The team at Wise Center for Plastic Surgery shares the five things you (probably) didn’t know fillers could do.

Contour your jawline

Strong chins and sharp jawlines are in. Dermal fillers, when strategically placed, can mask the look of jowling, reduce the appearance of a “double chin,” fix asymmetry, create a better projection, slim down your face, change the overall face shape, and give you a crisper, more defined jawline.

Fix hollow temples

Volume loss in the temple region can create an unflattering shadow effect, resulting in an old, gaunt appearance of the eyes and face. Fillers can contour and add volume to the area to eliminate any undesirable shadowing and highlight the eyes instead.

Address mid-face volume loss

Bones get thinner with age, which makes the overlying fat pads slide down. This makes skin sag lower, causing deeper folds at the bottoms of your cheeks. Strategic placement of fillers near the cheekbone not only restores youthful fullness but can reduce the look of smile lines and jowls as well!

Re-shape your nose

Many nose structure concerns can actually be addressed without needing surgery. With dermal fillers, Dr. Wise can fix asymmetries, mask a dorsal hump, fix a flat bridge, reshape or elevate the nose tip, and in some cases even create an optical illusion that makes the nose appear smaller.

Filler results in the hands of a skilled facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Wise are really invisible, meaning they look so natural that others could never tell you had anything done. They will, however, compliment you on looking fantastic, probably thinking you’ve rested well or lost weight. The best part is the minimal downtime — bruising and swelling usually subside within just a few days.

Tighten your neck

Last but not least, although slightly different from a traditional filler treatment, our office does now offer something called Hyperdiluted Radiesse. Radiesse is a filler that works by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. When diluted with another substance, it can be used in a variety of areas that we were previously unable to address, such as the neck and chest, buttocks, back of arms, above the knees, and even the abdomen.

Nurse Practitioner Radhika is among the first in New Jersey to offer this innovative technique, that not only tightens saggy, crepey skin but reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, adds volume over time, corrects acne scarring and cellulite, and improves the skin’s overall tone and texture.

For the best results, Hyperdiluted Radiesse should be done as a series of treatments. Do keep in mind, the results of these treatments will take a few weeks to come in, as your body is working to build up its natural collagen supplies in the treated areas.

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