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Among facial plastic surgery procedures, the brow lift or forehead lift is one of the most common surgeries. Usually, the procedure is performed after the patient is past middle age, or between the ages of 40 and 70 years old. As people age, they start to lose the elasticity in their skin that was prevalent during their younger years. As a result, both facial fat and muscle begin to lose tone. When this occurs, deep wrinkles can appear across the forehead or between the eyebrows. When vertical lines appear between the eyebrows, the resulting scowl can make the patient look disgruntled or unhappy when, in fact, the opposite may be true. Sagging can cause one to look tired and sad or older than their age too.

What a Brow Lift Can Do

Because a furrowed and sagging  brow can make one look visibly older, a brow lift assists in reversing the effect by getting rid of excess skin and raising and tightening the tissue beneath the brow. As a result, the facial plastic surgery patient who chooses this procedure regains a youthful, more revitalized look.

Two Types of Brow Lift Procedures

Today, women and men, who are considering facial plastic surgery, can select from two basic kinds of brow lift procedures. These procedures are known as an open brow lift, which is a traditional  facial plastic surgery procedure, and a newer, less invasive procedure known as an endoscopic brow lift.

The Coronal Brow Lift

Even though it is more invasive, many facial plastic surgery patients still opt for an open brow lift because of its dramatic results. The procedure, also called a coronal brow lift, is helpful for people who exhibit a marked drooping of the brow as well as the upper eyelid. During this facial plastic surgery procedure, the skin on the forehead is lifted and smoothed after an incision is made, which starts at one ear, crosses the forehead area and ends next to the other ear. Using this approach eliminates the deep furrows in the brow while pulling the skin taut.

The Less-invasive Endoscopic Brow Lift

The other less invasive procedure, the endoscopic brow lift, is recommended for patients who exhibit wrinkling and some drooping in the area of the brow. Patients who wish to experience less downtime but still receive notable results often choose this procedure. During the surgery, an endoscope is used for making very small incisions at specific points along the brow.

A Flexible Surgical Aid

The flexible and thin tube of the machine is connected to a camera,which is used to guide the process on a mounted display. Using the endoscope results in much smaller incisions and a reduced risk of infection. The incisions are easier to make as well.

What to Expect After a Brow Lift

After a conventional forehead lift is performed, expect to experience some mild discomfort, often which is managed with medicine. A headache sometimes is experienced as the anesthesia is wearing off. The head should be kept elevated to reduce any swelling. Itching may be experienced at the incision line as well.Swelling usually subsides after a week while itching typically takes about six months to fade.

Other  Choices

Knowing what is involved in basic facial surgery procedures can assist you in determining what procedures you may want to undergo during a forehead lift or afterwards. For example, blepharoplasty is another name for an eyelid lift while rhinoplasty involves reshaping or re-defining the nose. The facelift procedure is another traditional surgery and may be combined with such procedures as a neck lift or the insertion of silicone facial implants.

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