How can I stop going bald? 

You’re noticing a patch at the top of your head that’s starting to thin out, or maybe it’s at your front hairline, and you ask yourself – am I going bald? Am I destined to lose all my hair?

Balding, hair thinning, and hair loss in general can be caused by so many factors, including stress, hormonal changes, tight hairstyles, and aging. The most common culprit of hair loss, however, is genetics – so much so that approximately 80% of cases of androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, have hereditary roots. Moreover, hair loss affects over 70% of men, as well as 50% of women during their lifetimes. 

But does that mean you’re destined to rock the same horseshoe-shaped hairdo or a fully bald head like your father, uncle, grandfather, brother and so forth before you? Not necessarily.

The good news is the earlier that the hair loss is caught, the more options are available to turn it around! When it comes to preventative measures, many turn to either topical solutions & supplements, or alternatively, preventative in-office hair loss treatments. Both come with their unique advantages, which is why Dr. Wise, New Jersey’s leading hair restoration expert and founder of the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration, recommends starting with a complimentary consultation to assess the extent of hair loss and go over an individualized hair loss treatment plan.

Taking a holistic approach to restore hair, prevent future hair loss, and support healthy hair growth are the pillars of Dr. Wise’s hair restoration practice. 

Whether you’re noticing your hair starting to thin, or are at the point you want to restore hair to previously bald areas, Dr. Jeffrey Wise in Wayne, New Jersey offers hair restoration and hair loss prevention solutions from Viviscal and Nutrafol supplements and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, to some of the most advanced hair restoration techniques such as Exosome Therapy and FUE Hair Transplant procedures. 

Say “No!” to going bald and get started with your Wise hair restoration journey today – fill out the contact form below for your complimentary consultation.

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