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From the big screen to the mainstream, the desire to have a full face of hair has never been higher!

Walk down any busy street of New Jersey and New York, and you’ll notice the vast number of men sporting a beard. From famous actors like Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler to the average male hipster, neglecting razors to attain a scruffy facial appearance has become a much more common occurrence these days. Although many men have no problem growing a beard, others are genetically unable to achieve thicker looking facial hair on their own.

For this reason, follicularly challenged individuals are seeking beard transplants as a way to look more sophisticated, while still projecting a rugged appearance. Although the most common patients for this procedure are men in their 20s and 30s, it is not uncommon for white collar workers in their 40s to undergo this procedure either.

The Transplant Process

Beard transplants are performed in much the same way that traditional hair transplants are carried out. After the patient is put under local anesthesia, strands of hair with their follicles still attached are individually extracted from areas of the body where hair is abundant (back of head and chest). Access points are made through micro punctures, and the hairs are implanted one-by-one at an angle to provide patients with the most natural appearance possible.

Once the transplant is complete, minor redness and itching may exist on the face during the next couple of days. After the follicles have a few weeks to settle into position and the incisions fully heal, the hair will steadily begin to grow like a regular beard.

To ensure that men are getting their most “manly” appearance possible, transplants for mustache and sideburns are also on the rise. If you’ve had trouble achieving a bearded appearance, contact Dr. Wise’s office today.

Dr. Jeffrey Wise specializes in hair restoration and combines the most advanced techniques and technologies to give patients a natural looking appearance. Call (888) 295-6933 or fill out an online contact form today. Dr. Wise is double board certified and has helped many men restore the self-confidence that comes with the appearance of a full beard or head of hair.

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