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What to Expect After Surgery
Rhinoplasty is a common surgery that many people undergo when they either do not like the appearance of their nose, or they have issues breathing due to irregularities in their nasal passages. After rhinoplasty surgery, patients must take approximately one week off from work to fully recover. Typically, it takes approximately a few days for the first signs of swelling and bruising to improve. In order to expedite the healing process, the following tips should be followed.

Exercise Moderately
Vigorous exercise does not bode well for patients who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery. Instead, patients should exercise moderately and not until two weeks post-surgery. Three weeks after surgery, you can slowly ease back into an exercise routine. However, it is still recommended to avoid playing any sports, or doing any exercises, that could injure the face; such as basketball or volleyball.

Don’t Swim
Swimming is not a good idea during the first two weeks of the recovery period either. It can cause chlorine to get into a patient’s nose and cause pain and stinging.

Eat Foods that are Easy to Chew
Patients should eat foods that are easy to chew and that are soft. The goal is to move the nose as little as possible while it is healing, so soft foods help to minimize chewing. Examples of healthy choices are soups, smoothies, mashed potatoes, sautéed veggies and fish.

Brush Your Teeth Carefully
Aggressive teeth brushing can cause the upper lip to move and cause pain in a patient’s nose. Therefore, it is advised to brush teeth carefully and softly while in recovery.

Don’t Wear Glasses
Glasses that rest on the bridge of the nose can cause pain and complications when the nose is trying to heal. Any extra weight can cause the nasal bones to move around before they are completely set, which can lead to poor results. If possible, stick to contacts. If you require glasses, taping the glasses to the central bridge of the glasses to the forehead will allow as little pressure as possible on the nasal bones..

Protect the Skin from the Sun
The skin on the nose will be extra sensitive to the sun after their surgery. Patients should therefore protect their nose after their surgery by applying sunscreen whenever going outside and also by wearing a hat.

Be Careful When Getting Dressed
Clothing shouldn’t be pulled over the head while recovering from rhinoplasty. Clothes could hit the nose and cause unintended pain. When possible, wear shirts that button up or have a large neck hole. Also, take care when drying off with a towel after bathing.

Don’t Smoke
It is important to stop smoking before rhinoplasty surgery and not smoke again for three weeks after the surgery. Smoking stunts the healing process and could cause a prolonged recovery time.

Contact Dr. Wise
With these tips, you will be healed up following nose surgery as quickly as possible. Dr. Wise is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who can help if you are interested in learning more about rhinoplasty surgery. You can reach him at his office in New Jersey or through his website to set up an appointment today.

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