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NeoGraft Hair Restoration In New Jersey At The Wise Center

What it is

Dr. Wise is not only experienced with NeoGraft hair restoration, but he is also a double board- certified facial plastic surgeon and head and neck surgeon focusing exclusively on the face, head and neck. NeoGraft hair restoration, especially the placement of the hair, is an art that should only be trusted to a doctor that has dedicated his career to improving the areas surrounding the face.

Dr. Wise and his team take great care in creating a natural and appropriate hairline. Dr. Wise requires single hair grafts to promote a hairline that is completely natural. In developing a hairline, Dr. Wise always considers the direction of the growth of the hair, to ensure the grafts are placed in a natural direction. Otherwise, the hair may grow, but the appearance will not look natural and/or your hair will not be manageable.

Dr. Wise utilizes the NeoGraft™ Automated FUE (follicular unit extraction) Hair Transplant System for hair restoration because it is the most advanced and clinically proven method of non-surgical hair transplants in NJ. It is the least invasive procedure of its kind, requiring no scalpel incision and no sutures. With Neograft hair restoration, Dr. Wise can provide absolute and exact placement of the hair using technology that operates under pneumatic pressure with automated control, providing you with a completely natural appearance.

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Other patient benefits include no scarring, little to no discomfort, quicker recovery time, and a greater level of safety and efficiency compared to other procedures. NeoGraft™ is preferable over the strip method, especially where the donor site is concerned. NeoGraft™ patients do not need to spend the rest of their lives trying to hide that significant linear scar, which is a telltale sign of most hair transplants.

Dr. Wise is one of a handful of physicians in the northeast United States who offers this state-of-the-art procedure. NeoGraft™ is minimally invasive, and is an excellent option for both men and women looking to restore their own living and growing hair.

31 year old man treated with an FUE hair transplant using 1,800 grafts and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. The patient wanted to focus on strengthening his hair line in a natural looking way.

The best candidates for this hair restoration procedure are men and women with hair loss who have significant donor hair on the back of the scalp to transplant into balding or thinning areas. Patients who are not interested in a significant linear scar or who have a busy lifestyle and cannot afford a lengthy downtime associated with the strip method are terrific candidates for NeoGraft™.

Patients who have had a prior strip procedure can also use NeoGraft™ as a “scar camouflage”. Undergoing this procedure with Dr. Wise will give you the confidence you deserve and the look that you want with your own living and growing hair!*

What to expect

Dr. Wise and his exceptional NeoGraft hair restoration team focus on making the experience a positive one for the patient. Whether it is communicating with loved ones on the patient’s status, providing the patient with a delicious lunch, or optimizing the patient’s experience with a high definition television or IPad, our focus is always on exemplary care.

When Dr. Wise and his experienced team utilize the NeoGraft™ Automated FUE and Hair Transplant System, the patient experiences minimal discomfort, a reduced risk of complications, and a quick recovery time.*

Unlike other grafting techniques that often produce an unaltered texture or unnatural pattern of hair growth, NeoGraft hair restoration has dramatically improved the results of hair restoration options, including no linear scarring. Grafting sessions are designed to replace the lost hair, thicken a thinning hairline, and provide a healthy and natural appearance.

It is possible for transplanted hair follicles to grow hair for the patient’s lifetime. The best donor areas are typically the back and sides of the scalp, which usually have hair follicles that are genetically coded to resist baldness. These transplanted follicles will continue growing hair, as they would have at the donor site. Skill in evaluating ideal donor areas is extremely important.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration NJ

Patients who are able to work from home, can return to work as soon as the next day. For patients that need to be public facing at work, about one week for recovery is preferred. Too much activity can cause an increase in swelling of the forehead, which may increase discomfort.

The NeoGraft™ Automated FUE and Hair Transplant System uses follicular unit extraction. This means that Dr. Wise and his experienced team remove individual hair follicles from one part of the scalp and transplant them to another. According to Dr. Wise, NeoGraft™ patients can heal faster and more comfortably than patients undergoing other linear-harvest techniques. In addition, once healing is complete, the patient has the option of wearing a very short haircut without the worry of a telltale linear scar that accompanies most procedures. Without the need for stitches, Dr. Wise’s NeoGraft™ patients experience a shorter downtime and fewer restricted activities. If you are interested in hair replacement near NJ, contact Dr. Wise today.

I had hair restoration with Dr. Wise, and my results were outstanding! My hair issues had been bothering me for a long time, and I had done a lot of research to find the best procedure and the best doctor. I am a busy health care professional, and could not afford to be out of work for a long period of time. Dr. Wise used the latest FUE technology on me, which resulted in minimal downtime, no scar and a very natural looking outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Wise!

- Patient Testimonial

I had been referred to Dr. Wise by a close friend so I made an appointment to discuss a procedure. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease about the process and expectations. I just had my fourth procedure by Dr. Wise and I have never looked better. If anyone in Northern NJ is looking to have any cosmetic procedure go see Dr. Wise!

- Patient Testimonial

A true professional in the field of hair restoration. Dr. Wise and his Staff provide a level of comfort and care second to none, for those looking to improve their appearance and are unhappy with losing their hair, please take action and fear no more - have a consultation with Dr. Wise. Dr. Wise and Jenna at the initial consultation eased any concerns I had regarding the procedure, and gave me sound advice on keeping my native hair in tact for the long haul. The procedure was as smooth as could be for any medical procedure. Pain free hair transplant with little to no swelling and or discomfort after the procedure. In addition the PRP treatments (which I highly recommend) were also pain free for those scared of needles fear no more. Life is too short to be unhappy about your appearance for elements of life you have no control over such as male pattern baldness. From the moment I had an initial consultation, to being 6 months post FUE transplant, I have been nothing short of happy with my results, and even more appreciative of the top level of care by Dr. Wise and his Staff.

- Patient Testimonial


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